Importance of NCERT Books for UPSC Civil Services IAS Exams

Firstly, let us understand the importance of NCERT books for UPSC Civil Service Examination. NCERT books can be considered as the basic and first step to kick start your preparation for Civil Service Examination. The language of NCERT books is quite simple and lucid. At the initial stage of preparation when the aspirants are unaware or have very little knowledge of the basic concepts and facts, NCERT is a bible for the aspirants. It makes the concepts easier to grasp and understand. So the aspirant should consider NCERT books as the first step in climbing the ladder of success to clear the examination.

One can trust the reliability of NCERT books as each NCERT book is prepared by a team of reputed authors. Some of the authors of NCERT are – Satish Chandra, Arjun Dev, Bipin Chandra, Romila Thapar, etc. NCERT books as such cover a considerable amount of syllabus of the Civil Service Examination. These books provide a crisp and brief account of a lot of topics that are asked in the Civil Service Examination.

The approach to reading NCERT books efficiently should be subject-wise and syllabus-wise and not chapter-wise. Look at the syllabus, prepare a schedule of topics to be covered and do a systematic reading of NCERT books accordingly from class 6th to 12th for all subjects. NCERT books build up the base for Civil Service Examination preparation. It builds a strong foundation for further preparation. Once the aspirant gets conceptual clarity on the topics, he/she will be ready for further advanced readings. If the foundation itself is weak, there is no meaning to build up upon it. Hence it is very necessary that before building further up, the aspirant builds the foundation very strong, which will definitely lead him/her to success.

The time that is required to complete all NCERT books differ from individual to individual based on their understanding and grasping power. Usually, on average, all NCERT books should be completed in 3-4 months’ time. Try to make crisp notes from NCERT books so that you can use them later as quick revision instead of reading the whole book again and again.

1. UPSC Civil Services GS Prelims

2. UPSC Civil Services GS Mains

 UPSC Civil Services GS Prelims

Paper – I

UPSC Civil Services GS Mains

Paper – I Essay
Paper – II General Studies I
Paper – III General Studies II
Paper – IV General Studies III
Paper – V General Studies IV
Download NCERT books here.

NCERT Based Video Lectures

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