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‘Look East’ is an apt description of the foreign policy focus and terming it now as ‘Act East’ does not really make any difference in the policy emphasis.  The Look East agenda is in jeopardy because the Myanmar’s Thein Sein regime of has not hesitated in taking the risk of offending India by signing a five clause agreement with the NSCN-K’s chief Khaplang, alias ‘Baba’. This agreement is, inter alia, allows for movement of NSCN armed cadres within Myanmar and therefore is sure to be helpful in the insurgents ambushing Indian security forces and moving across border to find sanctuary. Obviously other Northeast based insurgent groups might also collaborate with the NSCN-K. The NSCN-K is emboldened and has been attacking Assam Rifles units as the ceasefire agreement that was operational is now defunct.

 The Naga separatist movement is reviving and this will make the Moreh corridor to Myanmar and beyond an undependable route. The grand design of multimodal access to ASEAN is in jeopardy. That Thein Sein regime is not India-friendly is sufficiently evident.

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