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The massive Indian response to the first earthquake in Nepal not only failed to strengthen Indo-Nepal strategic relations but India even got a snub as in the midst of the rescue operations the NDRF was abruptly asked to quit Nepal – ostensibly at the instance of Nepalese media. However, there are reports of Chinese pressure on Nepal – specifically after two triggering incidents.  The first is the flak that the PLA got from its political bosses due to comparison of Chinese initiative in Nepali distress with more comprehensive Indian initiatives which was much highlighted in Media.  The impression went around that Nepal was letting India uncontrolled activities in its soil. The second and more significant is the Chinese complaints to Nepal that Indian rescue helicopters were flying much too close to Chinese border, while attempting to help the distressed Nepalese in remote areas.

This time round, the Indian response is more mature. Govt. of India has justifiably taken the stand that let Nepal make a formal request if it needs India’s help. Perhaps, Indian establishment now realizes the ground realities of Indo-Nepal-China relationship.

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