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The massive Indian response to Nepal’s calamity arising from the earthquake should earn goodwill for India in Nepal.  Part of the justifications of Indian initiative is the large Indian Diaspora in Nepal and also the risk of migration of Nepalese into Indian states neighbouring Nepal.  As humanitarian move, Indian initiative is commendable.  However, over the next few weeks Indian initiatives is likely to become comparatively less important as other major initiatives will arise from the West – like the USA, Britain, Germany and others.  Huge number of Westerners have visited Nepal or trekked in the Himalayas during the last half a century and therefore maintain soft corner for Nepal.  They are likely to respond on a large scale over time and their collective resources and the sympathies of their governments are likely to turn into extraordinary rescue and reconstruction efforts.India is not likely to get any diplomatic benefit of its initiative in the long run in spite of the fact that its regional rival China has not so far launched any major rescue endeavours in Nepal so far.  This is somewhat surprising considering the fact that China is so much experience in construction work and rescue operations. Keeping Nepal in good humour should also have been in its political priority.  After the emergency is over Nepal is once again likely to look to China as its elder brother.

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