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Why Civil Services?


Civil Service - The Difference.

“I took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference”. – Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken

The word difference at the end of the poem is that what counts, as it demarcates a distinct result of all the pain and of all the choices that we make. It is the word “difference” that paints us in a colour different from the rest of the pack. And the difference is an antecedent of the choice that we make.

There are many paths that you might have treaded upon, an architect, a doctor, a journalist, a businessman, a student, you might be one of the many paths that lead to a door that might or might not be part of the oblivion. If you are reading this particular article, somewhere we do feel that your choice has already been made and you have decided to walk on the path less taken. Yes, we are talking about the prestigious Civil Service Examination and the Civil Services as a career. In this article we would be talking about the choice of Civil Services as a career, what are the perimeters of the services and of the different opportunities that it offers.


Among all of the services under the Union of India, the most prestigious and coveted designations fall under the realm of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), that conducts examinations to find a select band of students that cut the grade to be counted as one of the most elite services offered by the country. The ones who are successful are viewed as no less than your modern day rock stars and your erstwhile kings.

The sphere of operation of these officers, some of whom are under the IAS, some under the uniformed service of the IPS, some under the wings of IFS, may be different but the pride and the esteem associated with each one of them among many other services would have been heard as many modern day fairytale in many parts of the country. There are many more services like the Indian Revenue Services (IRS) that take extreme care of the country’s vast reserves and finding defaulters and hoarders and bring them to justice. These are just few of the services that are a part of the different nature of services that are available to a person, once the exam is cleared.


India like any other country has its own set of problems that it must deal with and those that must not be brushed under the carpet. We too realize that there are limitations on the financial frontier that have not helped the country any good in its march to become an economic powerhouse. There have been multiple observations and studies in this regard across social circles. The role that must be played by these officers assumes prime importance here.

The task of managing and looking after the nation’s financial resources, is not an easy task, but of one with great responsibility and that of great pride. The services have produced men of mettle and steel that has turned the tide around in times of great distress.

The ignorance of the masses have also not done any good, with lots of ground to cover on many basic aspects like education, hygiene, health, social dogmas, there is extensive groundwork that remains to be done on this regard. The indices published by various think tanks across the world shows that there is extensive work to be done to improve the levels, and even without the think tanks, one look into the world beyond and within our social circle brings us to light that there is extensive work to be done in this regard. The beacon of change is expected to be our future officers, and who knows, that the change might be just you.

The political system of the country, without the bureaucracy, would be rendered like a ship without a rudder. In all the years of our existence as an independent nation, we have faced many hurdles. The bureaucracy too has been a victim of the politics that governs the nation. The proceedings and functioning of the bureaucrats have sometimes taken a hit, but it is the ability to take decisions in hard times, and with the power vested in them that they move forward transcending every problem that is thrown at them.


The opportunity of being a part of the civil services is one that truly must not be missed by any person, irrespective of their background. The services are a perfect blend of money, power and passion all driven with a desire to serve for the nation.

The word service finds its place among all of the various platforms offered at this stage. The opportunity to work for the people at large and for the nation as a whole is one that must be zeal to work ahead, both on the personal and professional prospective. There might be many career paths to choose from, but the path to the civil services is that of the road less traveled. Walk on the path, who knows we might have the next civil servant hidden in you.

There are four elements that would lead to success in this exam:

a)    Hard Work: There is no short cut to success and hard work never goes unrewarded. Civil Service competition is like a marathon race. No one will come and help you. You have to finish the entire course by yourself. One, who has the confidence that he can compete in this examination and succeed, should appear.

b)    Dedication: Dedication towards your duty always pays in life. Be totally dedicated and focused in your studies. Dedication always bundled with sacrifice. You have to sacrifice many things like movies, parties, and entertainments etc at this stage of your life to achieve bigger things.

c)     Patience: As the CSE preparation spans a minimum of one year, right from the Preliminary stage to the interview state, it requires a lot of patience to maintain your composure. At times you may feel tired and sick of further studying during the course of your preparation. Maintain your cool and patience and so on to break the monotony of studies. Talk to friends and parents. They will provide with you with the much-needed emotional support.

d)     Self Confidence: Your self-confidence can make the difference. This system of examination could be very punishing if you are not sincere and persistent about your goals. It can kill your time, age and confidence if you are lazy. So always set standards for yourself and keep proving to yourself that you are working hard and really motivated. If you can keep your morale on the positive side during the three stages of this examination, no one can stop you from getting what you want.



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