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10 May keywords



10th MAY 2017

1.      Kulbhushan Jadhav

  • former naval officer
  • sentenced to death in Pakistan
  • Pakistan failed to provide consular access to India despite 15 requests,
  • India won a stay order from the International Court of Justice

2.      International Court of Justice

  • primary judicial branch of the United Nations (UN).
  • Seated in the Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands,
  • settles legal disputes submitted to it by states and provides advisory opinions on legal questions

3.      Geneva Conventions

  • rules that apply only in times of armed conflict
  • seek to protect people who are not or are no longer taking part in hostilities;
  • these include :

I.               the sick and wounded of armed forces on the field,

II.             wounded, sick, and shipwrecked members of armed forces at sea,

III.          prisoners of war

IV.           civilians

4.      Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, 1963

  • an international treaty that defines a framework for consular relations between independent states.
  • A consul normally operates out of an embassy in another country, and performs two functions:

                            i.            protecting in the host country the interests of their countrymen, and

                          ii.            furthering the commercial and economic relations between the two states.

  • The treaty has been ratified by 179 states

5.      Vijay Mallya

  • Chairman of UB Group, an Indian conglomerate with interests in beverage alcohol, aviation infrastructure, real estate and fertiliser among others.
  • Kingfisher Airlines, an airline established as a major business venture in 2005 became insolvent and was shut down in 2012.
  • A group of 17 Indian banks are trying to collect approximately ?9,000 crore in loans which Mallya has allegedly routed to gain 100% or a partial stake in about 40 companies across the world.
  • Presently in UK; extradition sought
  • Mallya also served in the Rajya Sabha for his home state Karnataka.

6.      Amur falcon

  • falcon family bird
  • breeds in south-eastern Siberia and Northern China
  • migrates in large flocks across India and over the Arabian Sea to winter in Southern Africa.
  • diet consists mainly of insects, such as termites

7.      Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)

  • autonomous body under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.
  • established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006
  • responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of food safety.

8.      Bishnois

  • a Vaishnavite sect, living in western Rajasthan on the fringe of the Thar desert,
  • have for centuries, been conserving the flora and fauna to the extent of sacrificing their lives to protect the environment.
  • The basic philosophy of this religion is that all living things have a right to survive and share all resources.
  • In the fifteenth century, Swami Jambeshwar Maharaj initiated the Bishnoi sect.
  • He laid down 29 tenets for his followers which included a ban on killing animals, a ban to the felling of trees - especially the khejri - which grows extensively in these areas, and using material other than wood for cremations.

9.      Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA), 2010

  • to regulate the acceptance and utilisation of foreign contribution or foreign hospitality by certain individuals or associations or companies
  • prohibits acceptance and utilisation of foreign contribution or foreign hospitality for any activities detrimental to the national interest and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

10.  Chenab Bridge

  • world's tallest railway arch bridge being constructed over the Chenab river in Jammu
  • will be capable of handling high intensity blasts like high level trinitrotoluene (TNT) blast load.

11.  Lopinavir gsyrup

  • paediatric formulation for HIV infected children
  • Cipla Pharmaceutical is its sole manufacturer in India
  • Cipla stopped production over non-payment of dues by government.

12.  Indian Antarctic Program

  • a multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional program under the control of National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR), Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India.
  • India has signed the Antarctic Treaty
  • Dakshin Gangotri base commissioned in 1983, superseded by the Maitri base from 1990.
  • The newest base commissioned in 2015 is Bharati, constructed out of 134 shipping containers.
  • Under the program, atmospheric, biological, earth, chemical, and medical sciences are studied by India, which has carried out more than 30 scientific expeditions to the Antarctic.

13.  Electrick

  • developed by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University in the U.S.
  • conductive touch screens can be created by applying conductive paints, bulk plastics or carbon-loaded film.
  • uses a well-known technique called electric field tomography to sense the position of a finger touch.
  • Like many touchscreens, Electrick relies on the shunting effect - when a finger touches the touchpad, it shunts a bit of electric current to ground.
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